Here lie the records of fun times!

Thank you for joining on this journey that took me around the world! We made the Earth a little bit smaller.

The journey continues, undocumented ;)

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  • Be Water My Friend

    When I began partying, I posted pics. When I began dating multiple women, I posted pics.

    Both were partly from feeling proud of what I considered cool and out of reach beforehand, but also to show myself I truly was doing these things I never considered part of “me”. Those were the first major lessons revealing there is no “me”, the is only who I choose to be.

    I am water.

    Over time, pictures of new parties and girls faded out of public view. Those who needed memorable pics received them.

    And in such a spirit this blog comes to a close.

    Thank You :)
    It’s been a joy flowing through new levels of who “I am”, together with those of you who’ve followed over the past year. You’ve allowed me to overcome fears and open myself up through words and pics, showcasing things that were not “me” until one by one I’ve gathered new qualities, interests, and dreams into who I am today. Perhaps another time will come when a new challenge needs a new public platform, until then enjoy any and all of the past year’s posts.

    Tomorrow is exciting, right?
    We don’t know what good luck will bring us.
    And what fun is on the horizon?
    I can’t wait!
    Can you?

    The adventures don’t end here. This was simply the prologue.

    Let’s kick ass and enjoy the hell out of this precious time we share on Earth.

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  • Katt and I joined forces in Seattle for a quick couple days of adventure, food, and sleepiness.

    From Seatac we zoom-zoomed straight to the nearest diner for some legit Americana breakfast.

    Charged with keeping her jet-lag in check, we drove into the nearby mountains to hike a trail.

    What awesomeness, to our surprise there was a beautiful lake!

    After a bunch of crossing paths with tons of peeps hiking up and down, we made our way to our couch host in North Seattle. He graciously shared his cute little home and kitty with us.
    Katt and I put the kitchen to good use, but I nearly smoked the house out with burnt chicken breasts! Lucky for me, Katt was there to save the day…and dinner.

    Oh! We found Casal Garcia green wine at the store, the first time I found any in North America.

    It was interesting reintroducing someone to America, someone who has spent much more of their life here than me. It was also strange and cool being two foreigners sitting in Starbucks, meeting locals, and shopping at the store. Sometimes when I’m alone I almost forget that I’m a passerby, a foreigner in this land.
    Foreigner every where; at home every where.

    Until we meet again. Hopefully less jet-lag next time ;)

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  • When I arrived in San Francisco last year, I met Nicole at the celebration of her first doctor-approved night out on the town with an old friend called Alcohol.
    She graciously allowed me to join and meet her friends.
    During my brief stay back there earlier this month, I was lucky to celebrate her 1st “Birthday” celebration since the Bone Marrow Transplant, a long hospital trip that kicked the cancer’s ass threatening her future of sharing smiles with the world and of turning people’s dream events and gatherings into realities.

    She lives to share her gift with the world.
    The world is better for having her.
    I am better for knowing her.

  • Weekend Away in Monterey

    During the time in the Bay Area, Nicole, Erik, and I drove down to join some friends who completed the Spartan Race.

    Gorgeous views, breezy winds, sunny sun.
    Shared a house together. Erik ended up on his favorite spot, the floor.

    Drunken Cards Against Humanity

    Real fireplace!

    Our friend, Lauren, explained amazing details on marine life. A fascinating world right under our toes among the coastal rocks.

    Oh! And Massive Jenga! 1-foot wide pieces. More painful than my mini jenga.

    If you go to Monterey, bike along the coast. Splendid.

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  • A week ago drove 14-hours from San Francisco to the town before my parents in Central Washington.
    Got it done in one day so I could surprise my Mom the next morning, a day early and just before her Birthday.

    Thanks to Nicole’s great advice, on the way over I picked up a bouquet with roses, my mom’s favorite.
    The long drive was well worth it to see the smile on her face as she opened the door.

  • Oakland RePresents: Tourettes Without Regrets

    Headed to the warehouse side of Oakland with some new friends to check out one of the most interesting eclectic mixes of entertainment ever seen by yours truly.
    Rap, burlesque, comedy, silk acrobatics, unicycle stripping, kick-ass modern belly dancing, heart-pounding poetry, more, and general raunchiness.

    From professional escort to college student, the stage was full of energy beginning to end.

    $10 bucks entrance fee.
    Free contact high.
    In Macau no amount of money could compile such a mix of quality local talent.

    One main rule during the show: no phones allowed. Or they get the MC’s ball sack.

    If you are in the bay area, check this out. Only on once a month. Find out the next showing and head down there!

  • Note to Travelers: car batteries dry up after 6 months of storage!

    My good friend, Erik, in Walnut Creek protected Ruby, my red racer, during my time in Europe and Asia.

    Good friends are a blessing, be a good friend to others. Appreciate those who are good to you.

    With a dead battery, jump-starting was expected. What surprised us was the second jump-start required after we’d driven miles about, parking at CVS.

    Nicole lent her VW both times. We chilled for half an hour in our lawn chairs outside the store before starting the engine. (Notice the car hoods in the top pic)
    Just to be sure, we drove 45 minutes to putt putt golf before turning off the engine this time.

    All good since then!

    Friends are more than just numbers in a Facebook list.

  • During travels the past year, Couch Surfing was a theme and a tremendous source of mindset-altering experiences, life-long friendships, and comfortable accommodation.

    I hoped to contribute in some way the CS community during the two months back in Macau.

    Without a spare bed to offer, attending weekly CS gatherings was the preferred route. Providing occasional drinks, snacks, encouragement, and a listening ear, I hope my presence was a source of positivity and caring.

    When I left Macau a couple weeks ago, many others were preparing to venture out into the unknown world for short and long excursions. Some have begun, others will shortly.
    Bon Voyage, mon amis.

    I met many new friends from the group. It is a community of travelers in a small town-minded big city.

    Most days I felt excited to join, while some days I was in a low point, but I showed up nonetheless, and it was always worth the effort : )

    The group of hosts were generous in their continuous planning of weekly events. Inspirations for me.
    Thank you!

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  • The past couple months in Macau were a strange existence.
    Not quite traveling, not quite settled.

    Humidity and laziness.

    My own room.

    Unsure what to say when asked what I do.

    Creating new relationships.
    Reconnecting with existing friends.

    Acutely aware of differences in myself from when I departed one year earlier, I found myself living out new habits in a familiar city.
    Coffee shops now know me well.
    My feet tread far and wide across Macau’s streets and bridge.

    In contrast, old habits, dormant for a year, sprung back to life, augmented by character shifts.
    Going out to my favorite bars for a drink by myself.
    Intentionally dating women.
    Care-free and confident in both situations.

    Worlds colliding.

    Unsure what to blog about. What fit on this blog and what is mundane? Embarrassed some days by my lack of interesting interactions, I preferred writing nothing than showcase a comparatively dull existence to the past year of weekly (sometimes daily) adventures and stimuli.

    Now that the negativity is out of the way, allow your humble author to collate the fun, awesome, amazing, and silly anecdotes from my time back “home”.

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  • Stumbled Upon this article more than a year ago. Laid out in plain sight a roadmap for greatness. A true greatness and freedom, independent of everything external.

    This list watched and listened from the back of my mind as I’ve interacted with life the past year.

    At first I had no basis to understand attachment, let alone remove the need.
    Now I cherish most dearly this understanding and transformation to a state of being with less and less dependence on attachment.

    Appreciate all, Need none.

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